Renting Units

Renting Units – Our highly qualified leasing professionals will allow you to sit back and enjoy your rental income.  Entrust will develop a marketing plan that is right for your property, bringing in immediate and long term results.  We will administer, review and execute leases for your tenant.  Furthermore, we will make sure all lease terms are understood and reinforced.  You can expect that all rental applicants will be subjected to:

  1. A credit report on each rental applicant.
  2. An eviction search of Florida public records to ensure that the applicant has not been evicted in the preceding 7 years.
  3. A verification of the applicant’s employment or income.
  4. A Florida “Criminal Background Check”

After we have all the information in we will make a determination to accept or reject the tenant based on the client’s point criteria.

Once the unit is rented we follow up with lease renewals.  Our lease requires a 60 day notice of intent to vacate.   At times, with your permission, we may offer renewal incentives.

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