Bill Payment

bill-payment-servicesFrom tracking invoices to printing checks to dealing with vendors, Entrust Property Management streamlines your accounts payable procedures across your entire portfolio. We provide you with flexible reporting options to support smarter decision making. No matter what processing method you choose – cash, accrual, or a combination of the two – we can help improve your cash flow and lower costs as you gain greater control over the accounts payable process.

As a Property Owner, how much time do you spend dealing with the inconvenience of waiting for, sifting through, and paying monthly bills for your rental property? Your time is valuable and the job of approving bills and signing checks for payment is often tedious and the timing is inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We will help meet your payable due dates and avoid late charges. All you need is an operating account with access for our accounting professional in order to pay the customary expenses of operating and maintaining your rental properties. As your Property Manager, we will arrange for repairs customary and incidental to the efficient management of your property. Repairs, except those of an emergency nature, over a pre-set dollar amount shall not be made without permission of the owner. We send you a computerized statement each month showing all funds collected and disbursed during the month. A simple solution to your bill paying headache!

As a rental Property Owner setting up utility accounts for your property can be time consuming and tedious.  As your property Manager, Entrust will establish your utility accounts, keep your bills current, maintain your property insurance policies so you never have a lapse in coverage for non-payment and reconcile your bank accounts. It is our job to review your bills for accuracy before any payment is submitted, it is our job to check your repairs before we pay the vendors invoices.

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